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    Varicose Veins


    Varicose Veins:
    • Varicose veins is a condition in which blue or purple coloured veins can be seen jutting from the legs
    • This usually affects the legs, usually near the feet

    Symptoms to look for:
    • Pain in the legs
    • Heaviness in legs
    • Itching around the affected area
    • Pain while standing
    • Cramps

    • Veins carry deoxygenated blood from the body parts to the heart. If there is excess pressure on
    the veins, the blood flow gets obstructed causing the veins to turn and twist. Pressure could be due to:
    o Obesity
    o Chronic constipation
    o Sitting or standing in one position for long
    o Enlarged prostate
    o Constant coughing
    o Sudden weight rise during pregnancy

    Natural home remedy using fuller’s earth:
    1. Take some fuller’s earth
    2. Add water to make paste
    3. Apply on the infected area
    4. Leave it overnight
    5. Wash off with water the next morning

    Natural home remedy using chamomile powder:
    1. Make a paste of chamomile powder and water
    2. Apply this paste on the affected veins

    Natural home remedy using marigold petals:
    1. Take a handful of marigold petals
    2. Wash them thoroughly and crush them to paste
    3. Apply it on the veins
    4. Leave it overnight

    • Do not wear tight or high heeled shoes
    • Avoid sitting cross legged
    • If you’re overweight, lose some kilos. Extra weight adds pressure on the legs