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BNS FLAXSEED MOUTH FRESHNER ************************* Flaxseeds are the excellent vegetarian source of Omega-3-fatty acids...which play critical role in many functions in our body and are essential for good health. Flax seeds are also called as linseed, ulsi or teesi and can be found at the local grocery stores. It is especially important for a vegetarian as it is a rich source of Omega 3 Fatty Acid, has high fiber content and has important micronutrients. They are easily available in the form of seeds and oil (remember linseed oil that we use in oil paintings) and have been around us but most of us never noticed it and suddenly everyone is treating it like an exotic ingredient. If you pick any good mouth freshener you would see that it is present there. In fact, if you eat multigrain bread then you all find it there. It adds crunchiness to it and I love it. Now before we go on and on about it, here are some benefits of adding them to your diet **Flaxseeds are rich in fiber and including them to the diet helps with the formation of stool. So if you are suffering from IBS or constipation then it is beneficial for you. Make sure that you drink adequate water with it. It absorbs the water and works as a laxative. **Since it has a high fiber content, it adds bulk to the diet and reduces hunger. So when you have flaxseeds you feel full and are consuming fewer calories. This further helps with weight reduction. **Spending on anti-aging creams? Then you may want to replace them with flaxseeds which are cheaper. The flaxseed oil is used in many cosmetic as it makes your face glow and evens out the skin tone. When you eat a teaspoon on flaxseeds daily then it has the oil and other components which together help in the delaying signs of aging. It makes your skin soft and supple so that you look healthy and young. **Regular consumption of flaxseeds makes the nails strong and prevents yellowing. **Flaxseeds are considered to be very good for the joints also. One can grind it and mix a teaspoon in a glass of milk. This can be had before sleeping and helps in reducing joint pain. **Studies have shown that regular intake of this wonder food can lower the risk of cancer and especially colon cancer as it clears the colon. The nutrients present in it also help prevent cancer. **It is beneficial in reducing cholesterol and blood sugar level. **Firms your breast. Yes! It is true. When you have flaxseeds regularly then it strengthens the breast muscles and makes them firm. **If you are craving for sweets or are feeling hungry then you can munch on them. They help reduce cravings. **Regulates menstrual cycle. There are a lot of other advantages also but these are some of the main benefits that have been noticed as well. Now many of us are not sure how to include it in our diet. Generally take a teaspoonful full of mouth freshner after meals.

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